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720 South Main Street, Pueblo, CO, 81004

SAGE Art Academy

              Fine ART Classes for ages 3.5 to Adults




ages 3.5-4/ Class time: 1hr

A class for the youngest budding artists! Seedlings play with watercolors, acrylics, pastels, chalk and more while exploring elements of art, expressing creativity and learning skills. The class prepares young children for the classroom setting, students develop fine motor skills, practice listening and responding, as well as sharing with the other students in their class! A yummy snack and story time at the end of the lesson is always fun at SAGE!  


ages 4-5/ Class time: 1 hr.

Sprouts will develop their own creative skills through exploration with watercolors, chalk and oil pastels, acrylics and more! The class brings out the inner artist and prepares students for Kindergarten and beyond by developing fine motor skills, listening and responding exercises and having the students observing the teacher for guidance to create art! Subjects like animals, nature, landscape, trains, cars, spaceships, art masters and more are taught! A yummy snack and story time are always the final part of the lesson at SAGE


ages 18m-3/Class time: 60 mins.

This very special and lively SAGE class is geared towards young children 18 months to 3 years old AND their Mommy! It is packed with a variety of fun, educational and collaborative activities! There will be puppets/story time, dance/ movement, music circle, drumming and creative ART time! A healthy snack is served for the kiddos to enjoy & to practice their table manners , sharing and socializing with a group of others their age! Moms use this time to share the fun experience with their kids and to socialize & share Mommy knowledge with other Moms! Plain FUN and valuable time spent together! 


ages 5-7/ Class time: 1 hour

Bloomers are forming their own style and using their individual instincts in this engaging beginner class that will cover fundamental art elements: line, shape, texture, color, value and space. The class has FUN and educational projects that have the students developing their drawing and painting skills and creating a unique masterpiece to go home with each week! Students learn about landscape, nature, geography, animals, master artists and more! At SAGE they get to take chances and explore new ideas without fear of criticism and explore mediums including watercolor, acrylic, chalk and oil pastel, water soluble pastels, colored pencils and more!  

EXPLORERS: ( this class is not offered this Fall)

ages 7-9/ Class time: 75 mins

Explorers are doing just that, exploring the path to creating art with confidence and self expression! This class is geared toward the older beginner. They are still learning the fundamental drawing and painting concepts but are taking risks and making their own artistic decisions! Medium exploration will increase in this class, as students experiment with watercolor, acrylic, chalk and oil pastels, water soluble pastels, colored pencils, charcoal and more! We will be creating masterpieces inside the school and exploring painting "plein air" style outside on canvases! SAGE supports your child's love of drawing by providing an exciting place for encouragement and artistic inspiration! 


ages 8-11 / Class time: 90 mins.

Masters are eager to learn more sophisticated artistic techniques. This fine arts class is intended for students who have intermediate drawing skills and are ready to advance their talent to create more three-dimensionally and realistically while following their instincts and forming their own style! Emphasis is placed on shading, color, perspective, composition, medium exploration and developing a successful finished piece of art. Explorers learn master techniques and gain confidence and self- esteem in their drawing abilities and themselves. Students will be exposed to the subjects of the human form, master artists, landscapes, animals, nature and more. SAGE provides guidance on an "as needed" basis as we lead students through the decision making process involved in creating art! We will create both inside the school and experience

"plein air" style painting outside as well! 


(at this time only offering the ART Adventure class)

ages 5.5-10/ Class time:75 mins

Make the SAGE art program a part of your Home School curriculum! We provide students with academic content that complements the theme of each drawing and painting lesson. Many exciting subjects will be covered throughout the year while exploring art concepts such as shading, color, design, perspective, composition, value and medium exploration. Students will explore creating with watercolor, acrylic, chalk and oil pastels, water soluble pastels, colored pencils, charcoal and more. Home school lessons include: nature, environmental studies, human and world culture, master artists, landscapes and more! Students are engaged creating what they are learning about!  


ages 6+ / class time 90 mins

NEW class for the Home School students. It is modeled after SAGE's Summer Camp experiences, students will meet at a different location each week and work in a very hands on way to learn art elements, history, science, geography, and MORE! You can book a month or just a class at a time!


ages 13-adult /class time: 2 hrs

STUDIO SAGE is a new class for the older more advanced teens and high school students as well as adults. We will offer a 2 hour class to give ample time to develop our creations and push the limits with ALL mediums the students prefer. We will also be introducing oils in this class.

STUDIO HS: ( at this time we are not offering this class)

ages 14-18/class time 2 hours

Finally a class just for high school artists! This class is geared towards intermediate/advanced artists who are eager to learn more in depth elements and techniques of fine art! The class will be longer in length and more challenging in subject matter! We will cover the classic elements of art and create with a wide variety of high quality mediums that SAGE usually offers! Artists will work on canvases, paper and other found objects; create on easels and at the tables; set up large still lives; study the human form; create abstract expressionistic work; create sculpture and stretch the artistic imagination like only a high school mind can dream up!

Class is canceled at this time

ADULT PM : (this class is now STUDIO SAGE)

ages 16+/ Class time: 2 hours

Adult Beginners class is designed for students at the beginning and intermediate levels of drawing and painting skills and confidence. Adults and older teens are taught for a longer period of time to fully explore elements of art and to create both realistic and abstract expressionistic work! Students will learn to implement the elements of art and become familiar with basic drawing and painting skills using mediums like watercolor, oils, acrylic, charcoal and more! SAGE will encourage students to paint outside in the "plein air" style in addition to working inside the exciting and inspirational environment of the school! A perfect opportunity for husbands and wives or parents and teenagers to learn and create together! 


Class time/ 90 mins.

This class is similar to the Adult PM class though is for artists interested in creating in the daytime!

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